2D Animation

2d animation

Our studio’s primary skill-set lies in 2D animation-specializing in traditional frame-by-frame. Applying the original principles of paper-and-pencil animation with the technological advances of the industry today, our team can create fantastic stories and messages with this visual medium. Our art style capabilities range from a Western realism to a stretchy, retro-look to an Eastern anime style, with all sorts of hybrid varieties in between.

Velorean also works with 2D puppet animation, a style that has since grown in popularity with the 21st century. Combining rigging techniques of 3D animation with the intricate, hand-drawn look of traditional styles, our team is no stranger to this form of animation and can create a custom look for your project with this current industry trend.

The possibilities are endless with 2D animation. With a range of art styles, finishes, and hybrid looks for the medium, Velorean will work with you to realize your unique vision that best gets your message and story across to your audience.

More references coming soon-in the meantime, if you’d like to see more samples of our work please contact us!

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