2D Animation

The Heart of the Studio

Since opening its doors, Velorean’s team has laid our studio foundation in the creation and production of 2D animation. Beginning first with traditional, frame-by-frame animation, our team has since expanded into producing 2D puppet animation as well, using rigs created in After Effects and ToonBoom Harmony. Our team works in a wide range of styles from simple web-based explainer videos to action-based anime to Hollywood feature-style animation.

The possibilities are endless with 2D animation. With a range of art styles, finishes, and hybrid looks for the medium, Velorean will work with you to realize your unique vision that best gets your message and story across to your audience.


  • Traditional Animation

  • Storyboard/Animatics

  • 2D Rigged Puppet Animation

  • 2.5D and Hybrid Animation (2D Animation combined with 3D and VFX elements)



See Our Animation in Action! More projects are always being added!