The Perfect Blue-Print At Your Fingertips

No production can begin without the creation of a detailed blue-print first, and Velorean’s artists can help you get there. We’re familiar with the production of designs for characters, environments, props, and effects, and we’ve got experience creating logos, graphics, and promotional material for the marketing of these productions and brands. From world-building to campaign building, we can create visuals in several different styles and levels of complexity, depending on your needs.

Our team works with you to get what’s in your head down on paper. From beginning concepts to final breakdowns, colors, dimensions and linework, Velorean will help you get ready for your next phase of production.




  • Character Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Brand/Promotional Material Design

  • Environment Design

  • Prop/Weapon/Artifact Design

  • Magic/FX Visualizations

  • Concept Design and Visualization




See Examples of our Design Work! New projects are always being added.